Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Muscat city

Marhaba, the traditional words of welcome in Oman, will greet you wherever you go, while the atmosphere of peace and optimism immediately confirm the fact that Oman belongs to one of the safest countries in the Middle East. Frankly, I kindly and curiously most people have a rich tradition of this diverse country located on the Arabian Peninsula is around 800 million years. Located on a narrow strip between mountains and see, the capital of Oman, Muscat stretches 50 kilometers along the Arabian Gulf. The city boasts a beautiful panorama of the golden minarets of mosques, forts and towers and a nice line of the Arabian Sea.
The whole city resembles a huge fortress carved into the rocks surrounding mountain ranges, and the only area of ​​Muscat, and not too interesting because it is the administrative center and there are no hotels or any content that might be of some tourist interest. However, because an adjacent area Mutrah, which is regarded as a true soul and Muscat, it is the backbone of most city events. Here is the famous Mutrah souq, one of the most Vibrant markets in Oman, where it is possible to buy almost all forms of plastic from the East to the various spices and handicrafts made of wood and silver. In Mutrah are the most beautiful promenades in the city, which usually perks up only when it gets dark, and most Affordable Hotels.
Third, more important part of the Ruwi area known as "Little India" where there is a maximum of city shops
and shopping centers and all major transport terminals and where there are constant traffic chaos and incredible crowds reminiscent of the cities of Southeast Asia. Along with the three most important areas of Muscat, Mutrah and Ruwi, the city also includes many other districts, some completely modern, while others very much like the scene from the middle Ages. Although at first glance seems a bit boring Muscat, extract a little more time to walk around town you will find interesting and different cultures, but if you are a real vacation in the city itself, you can find beautiful beaches, some of which are best located near the largest downtown mosque Sultan Qaboos. However, those looking for a truly exotic sandy beach, but about twenty miles east of the city there are many secluded bays, and excellent location to dive. It is the interesting "water" trip is one that takes you to visit the dolphins who like to live in the waters of Oman. Looking for more desert adventure, or a half-hour drive by jeep to the interior, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful expanses of sand and discover the life of Bedouin families. Many are traditionally decorated campsites where you can sleep, and so fully experience the magic of the desert life, but the real atmosphere of Arab night.

After just ten minutes drive from the edge parts of the city begins the rocky desert area, and the farther from
the city becomes aware that Muscat is just one of those cities that were painstakingly created in the desert of the human hand. However, if you are visiting Oman, not away from Muscat, you probably will not even think that the desert landscape located somewhere in the vicinity. In fact, most of the city is covered with a remarkably well-kept green area and the edges of the city's main Avenue of Madinat al-Sultan Qaboos decorated with flowers that seem to defy the surrounding rock scenery.
The most famous festival which takes place every year between January and February, and is an ideal opportunity for visitors to experience the true tradition of Oman, its culture, and today, but that has not changed the spirit and morale of the people. With numerous live shows, exhibitions and presentations, the festival also visited by foreign exhibitors, each year more and more. With a traditional part of you will also
Find a circus, national and international music stars, amusement parks, competitions and other subtleties of the modern world..


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