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River Kupa-from source to mouth through the four seasons.


Kupa  have a special beauty of its landscape. Flows through a mountainous area of Gorski Kotar and than near Karlovac entries in the lowland area Pokuplje at the end of Sisak flows into Sava rivers. The upper one is a real mountain river with a fast and foaming flow (full rapids).In the lower course is the lowland rivers with slow water.

In the green district of Gorski Kotar constantly rises river Kupa, the third largest river of Croatian. Spring water is always cold, her temperature is 7 C. There are three mountain paths for access to the source of Kupa. Source is located between the steep hill and glen and pine forests.Of the very source of a great rose, limy cave, as if the Titans is built. First 6 kilometers Kupa suddenly lost height and as strong and massive mountain streams rushing into the valley.Easy mountain path follows along the coast. Although the Kupa springs like a river, not a stream, it is still relatively small. The first part is actually her childhood with the first steps, noisy downs and rebooting. However, where the villages are dying Kupa  born. The last resident of the village of Kupari (Mr. Joseph Turks), it is a house arranged for tourism. Visitors who come mostly on weekends offers goat cheese and milk and souvenirs. The whole first part of the purchase, from source to Ozlja special because Waterproof limestone rocks. the river has biggest decline and the biggest erosion.In the fall of the water of Kupa is twice higher. Due to heavy rainfall the water level on the upper river is highest in autumn and high in spring when snow melts.
Relief has greatly influenced the social efficiency river. In winter, in the far southwestern corner of the Pannonian Plain, the river becomes a quiet . In recent years, the Kupa River rarely freezes, and it is only a meter - two by shore of river. Last time when the river Kupa whole freezes  was 1984/85 year.In Ozlju is one hydropower plant on the river Kupa, with relatively small capacity. Is a real luck that is not  built no more power because it so  preserved the environment.
City Ozalj is known fortress in which the seat princes Babonić  and Zrinski and Farnkopani.  
In Karlovac (a town on the four River ) of which the most important Kupa,  people built  concrete embankments on the shore. The great flood of 1939, kupa is almost destroyed the city  Karlovac.  The history , the River Cup was an important traffic road.
 On the river Kupa it sailed the ship and the ark, and to Kralovac arrive daily and up to 85 vessels that bring grain from Slavonija. By the river boat to 1861 when the railway was built Sisak - Zidani bridge. River kupa after that  losing the importance as a road.Kupa river is today preserved its natural value. Kupa has numerous tributaries, which are: Koran (146 km), Clay (108 km), retina (62 km) and Good (50 km) from the right side, Odra (83 km) and Kupučina (56 km) to the left.
In the fall and spring in Pokuplje increased risk of flooding. The largest wetland area is inundated part of the Black Mlaka.
Today, the greater  danger are mines arrears of last war. 

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The oldest document, longest river,highest people( nation),largest fjord

 Basca Tablet
The oldest written document in the area of the Croatian Basca  Tablet dating back to 1100 years. Was found in the church Saint Lucija In Juran's house on the island of Krk. On the surface, 197 x 99 cm carved text in Glagolitic script. Panel says that the king Zvonimir  gave ground to abbot Držih and also witnesses are listed.Basca Tablet found the pastor Peter Dorcic.  From Juran's house was transferred to 1934 years in the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb. Old Slavonic Glagolitic script was created in mid-9 th century.The authors of this letter are considered brothers Cyril and Methodius, byzantine  monks from Thessaloniki.

River Nile
The longest river in the world is the Nile. Length is 6694 kilometers, 180 miles over the Amazon. Nile springs from Lake Victoria, which intersected the equator. Flows north through Uganda, Sudan, Egypt. Delta mouth within the Mediterranean Sea. Because of the wealth of water and sludge that settles the Nile, its valley is very fertile. Some studies show that the longest river Amazon (with source spoke).

Tutsi, the people whose members live in African countries, Rwanda, Burundi and Congo, are  the highest in the world.
The word "Tutsi" in their language means high people. Many members of the nation grow about 2 meters. Ninety years of the last century that  people exiled in neighboring Uganda and eastern Congo.

Soganfjord is the largest fjord and enter the land with 204 kilometers and is located in the western part of the Norwegian coast.After the last melting of ice, the world's sea level has increased a hundred meters and it is overflow parts of glacial valleys and creating a long narrow bays (fjord). From sea level to the highest peaks of the steep coastline that surround it, altitude difference is 1308 meters



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Island Jersey in La Mancheu

Island of Jersey, from France is only twenty and from Great Britain about 160 kilometers. that is the possession of the British crown, and the last descendant of the former Norman Duchy.The largest of the so-called. Channel Islands in which is   incorporated  and  the islands Guernesey, Aldereney and Sark. Although the official language English, many of them speak dialects jerrais, a sort of Norman- French language , the rest of the recent past.Mild winters and pleasant summers for decades attracted many tourists, the policy of the British Ministry of Tourism released by the various taxes that the United Kingdom today makes it one of the most expensive countries in Europe. International popularity of the island was acquired when the local pastor's daughter Emily Le Breton, known as Lily Langtry,
the early 20th century became known actress, and still known as the mistress of the English King Edward VII (son and heir of the legendary Queen Victoria). After many trips she was back to Jersey. Her grave is not far from the church where her father was preaching, near the center ST.Heliera (island capital). 
Channel islands were the only parts of the United Kingdom by the Germans during World War II occupied. 
In Jersey can be paid to the British money, but they have and the British and the island's ancient money, notes consistent regulations. In addition to notes and coins in the local post offices can buy (in the world  popular) stamps. Jersey from 1696 enjoys postal independence and postal mail stamps issued independently of London.
They are creative with  postal stamps have attracted a number of philatelist around the world. that stamps are very expensive. Posted existed on the island in the 15th century. 2002 years email has issued special stamps that marked the 150 anniversary of the first set of postal box with island road.

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Etna - benign span in Sicily


From earliest childhood Sicilian lives in fear of the power demolisher, one of the most active volcanoes on earth. On the other hand, live with volatile and temperaments of Etna, for them has always had its charms, because something always happens. Peak height of volcanoes approximately now 3320 meters, but that information should be a Qualified for height varies continuously. Certainly, the volcano Etna is one of the most famous trademarks of Sicily.The current height is 21.6 m lower than 1865 years.

Large incandescent boiler
The chronology of Sicily is registered Etna countless eruptions. The largest occurred 475 years before Christ, and in 1169, 1329 and 1381 years. In those years, the current of the river of lava reached the sea.Those years of the current river of lava came to the sea. Worst eruption occurred in 1669 and Trial was 122 days. Enormous river current avalanche is then sent the southern slopes and reached the walls of Catania, transforming the surrounding fields in sterile carbonize space. Eruption were frequent in the 20 century, as the four active craters at the top of the volcano, so the active mouth spread by the slopes of older craters.

Etna has caused the victims and in the modern era, although its activity was accompanied from 120 seismic stations, and Volcano also oversees a satellite.1971 years , the eruption destroyed the observatory was created at the top of the mountain.1983 years, torrents of lava took the old ski lifts and tourist center. Year 1979, nine people died in the explosion near the southeast crater. 1987 in the second explosion (the same crater) two people died and ten were wounded.1992, the burning fiery rivers of lava poured from the mouth of the southeast and came to the door Zafferane Etnee (small village on the southeastern slope of the Etna).Then the army aircraft bombarded  lava that could slowed her progress.

Blacksmith  God Hephaestus
Volcano is constantly present in the historic Sicilian chronicles and legends.
One is the chronicler of the 6th century before Christe wrote that the volcano forced the native Sicily to seek refuge in the western part of the island.The Greeks were convinced that the volcano is actually blacksmith great God Hephaestus.
Empedocles of Agrigen, philosopher, physician, observed the volcano and found the steams from the crater semi-hard and can withstand the weight of a man. One legend says that at the end, he threw himself into the volcano to prove his theory, but without success - he went to inevitable death. Today, the Etna one of the main target of tourist Sicily.Research top of Etna is a thrilling experience at any time, not only when the volcano is active.Small size liquid or hardened lava-characteristics do not change the temperature so that it will melt your shoe soles. Tourists usually go to the top of the south and the north slope. For those with little time can use the private railways, which Circumetnea can visit the volcano. Tour takes 3 ½ hours (114 kilometers) from the train you can see beautiful landscapes, but can not experience the size and power of volcanoes.Etna volcano is extremely complex. He stands on the verge of underlining the African tectonic plate under the Eurasian. volcanic activity began before the half-million years.

 Tourism hit
Environmental changes as after the apocalypse,Along the way, traders stalls selling souvenirs of the lava.The road ends at Rifugio Sapineza - tourist oasis at 1910 above sea level. There is a large parking lot and catering facilities.

Extraterrestrial landscape
In the last 25 years ski lifts and tourist center were often destroyed, but they are constantly re-build for curious tourists.Altitude zone volcanoes is black deserts that dominate the chilled river of lava and volcanic ash. Only a few species of wild plants grow in the alien landscape of fetid in sulfur.In winter, when snow falls, Etna becomes an attractive ski resort.

It is hard to steal the magic that makes this symbol of power of nature, forces of creation and destruction at the same time. These are well-known ancient Greeks, Romans, Normans, Arabs and other rulers of the island that they have learned throughout history that one should not underestimate the destructive force of its eruption.

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Capital of the Kingdom of Denmark is situated on the eastern shores of Sjaellanda, opposite the south of Sweden,at the entrance to the Oresund strait, which links the Baltic and North Sea.Due to its history, appearance and charm, and above all good and busy tourist organizations, Copenhagen an attractive metropolis for all curious travelers.Although Copenhagen at first sight is not some exotic tourist destination, proposals to visit this city can be found everywhere.

 City of low growth 
If you're arriving by plane,and you have a luck that time is not foggy,immediately just before landing you will have the opportunity to see the outline of Copenhagen.From the aircraft to see the good and the great bridge witch connects Denmark with Sweden.Capital of Denmark is not in the continent, or on the peninsula of Jylland as most of this country,buton the island Scaland.In the inner city area,the surface of
Square kilometers live about 500.000 inhabitants. However, in the broader area of the capital city lives even 1.2 million residents. From increases church towers can be seen the only occasional  skyscraper.

From fishing village to the city metro
In the 12 century,the site of today's Copenhagen it stood fishing village called Havn.At that times
Location churches and kings been a nearby town Roskilde. Havn would still be hamlet to that time not ruled pirates,so and the king Valdemar 1167 year, he sent his brother, bishop Absalona to solve these problem. Strategic positions for Havn the Oresund strait, Absalon was chosen precisely Havn to the place where will
strong fortress.It was a crucial moment for the emergence of today's capital
city of Denmark.

Location crowned head
Great charm Copenhagen gives his royal past. Witnesses of this time can be seen that royal Era not completed. Queen Margarita, along with the prince Frederik and princess Mary and now resides in a place in the center.Probably is the most beautiful Renaissance castle Rosneborg Slot.To Rosneborg Slot comes from the center through beautiful Konges Have a park, or through the royal gardens.Maintained the midst of greenery,there is the castle from a fairy tale,
whose twin towers above the trees in the park.Castle Rosenborg Slot are
built by the king Kristian IV. In 17 the Century later the king Frederik, castle R.S. turned in landfill family heritage and built a new residence.

Numerous museums for rainy day
That most royal construction no more has tenants,part of them is converted into museum.So today Rosenborg slot is the Museum of the king's jewels,which the queen still used in solemn conditions.Copenhage is an ideal place for the people who like to see the museums. Even have a day of the week (Wednesdays)
when a tour of the Museums for free.From the museum, which is certainly worth a visit is Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek.Clean galleries Glyptotek may contain archaeological treasures and ethnological from , Egyptian, Greek and Roman periods. Have the chance to see Pompey, Emperor Augustus, Ramses and Achilles. Glyptotek gives a special charm to the winter garden with a pleasant warm climate and tropical plants.You ca also look at collection and trade of furniture for interior,by which the design, especially well-known Danes. The most cost design names such as Arnie Jacobsen, Hans Wegner and Poul Heningsen and Poul Heningsen.

 Free city bikes
On bicycles in Copenhagen, all riding free bicycles.On bikes are often elegantly dressed men, finely made up of Miss,
who work as secretaries but also owners of the company.Most city streets have to bike paths.So the city became safer and more pleasant place to live.According to official data every third Dane will go on to work with the bicycle. In many places to be found a very
 red,green,white or blue bicycle which
one it can use who wants.Related for the chain stand and inserting 20 kroner to get a bicycle ride.Everything works like a supermarket-Once the job is finished just look at some of the stands to collect yours coins.This project was started 1995 years,when it was open to traffic more than 1000 bikes.Goal of this project to resolve urban issues faced by large cities.Thus reduce air pollution, traffic jams and lack of space for parking.

Longest pedestrian street in Europe
Some parts of the city of Copenhagen you can arrive only by foot.The main pedestrian street in Copenhagen is called Stroget.This street begins on square Radhudspladsen and finished on the nice square
Kongens Nytrov.Interrupted by several major streets and small squares.This street was the main pool and a commercial zone with luxurious its boutiques, restaurants and other workshops, where you can fast and easy spend lots of money.Only one walk streets
reveals people who are engaged in various activities: you can see Walking advertisements in Viking caps with horns that promoting small goods. In the same time on little square gather viewers to international competition in the masters of making coffee.And also from somewhere you can hear music,street musicians who play from rock to classical music.Street Sroge has a competitor
but not by length but by the exclusivity.The Nyhavn canal, once the merchant ships to dock.Today, the homes of poor port workers, learned the owners of cafes and restaurants. To the café with terraces with a view
on the colorful buildings and on the channel in which the slightly rocking sailing boats.

city of North charms
Copenhagen is not romantic as Paris, it does have style like Vienna, no pedantry like Berlin. He exudes careless Scandinavian row.Economic standard is extremely high.At main railway in the city center,begins street of foreigners. Tourist has mostly in the city center.

social experiment

On the island Christianhavn,not far from the old city core,you can find a very special block. This block announces colorful graffiti and big wooden inscription et the entrance.That is Christiana, block of street without luxury. There live a lot of people who abandoned the classic way of life. Christiana is formed 1971 immigration.There live a lot of alternative oriented young people. They named this block "Free city Christiana". They did not pay any rent, taks and other civilization rents ,they also practiced Communism,hippo and others rebellious movements. What is most bothered the authorities, it was a free sale of hashish at street stands. On other hands,hard drugs were not permitted.

Graffit of Christiana............

Art and beer
Copenhagen is one of the cities, who considered themselves City of Beer. Carlsberg Brewery is strongly influenced on the economic development of the city but also unexpectedly on cultural development. Jacob Christian Jacobsen 1847 founded the brewery and named the son of Carl. The production of beer led the research approach. Jacob Christian Jacobsen also likes art. His collection Classical Art, with the help of his son Carl, turned into Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. Moreover, members of family Jacobsen were patronsmany other cultural activities, especially in the restoration of castles and churches.


Capital of the United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi. However, few people know for Abu Dhabi and majority now for Dubai. Dubai is simply a synonym for the United Arab Emirate,but also for a much wider area of the great coast Tursaj, between Oman and Qatar.At a bear extends gradually sprang up the palm trees, amazing buildings,hotels and magical impressive skyscrapers, and gloomy coast Persian Gulf has turned into giant beach.

Beginning of Dubai
Dubai first grew as the transport center on the old trading between Mesopotamija and Indus Valley.
In 19 centuries become an ingrained a little Fish village on the Shindagha peninsula. The village was settled tribe Bani Yas, which was led by the family Maktoum whose dynasty rule in Dubai. Real rise of Dubai occurred finding oil 1966. Dubai has around 1.4 million inhabitants, of which 70% of foreigners. Temperatures are high, reaching even to 48 degrees C in July and August.While in January and other winter temperature around 25 C, and visit Dubai is recommended in these months. In Dubai mostly coming with air traffic- Dubai International Airport- busiest airport in the world. Dubai is a city of contrasts and this is it attracts tourists and business people. What are all strange at first glances is that Dubai has no real center of the city in which we are all accustomed to, the old core and square.

Dubai Creek
Dubai Creek is the historical point of the city. Sea water in the bay is located in downtown. Between Maktouma and Garhoud bridges, Creekside park provides pleasant walk, and you can see extensive landscaped public gardens. The inside of the Creek is a large, shallow lagoon and now is also wildlife sanctuary for migrating shore birds. 27. 000 counted here at one time in autumn. The most beautiful are Greater flamingos, which have made Dubai Creek they permanent home . Expansion of the stream has been recently approved. Expansion, which is part of business of the Bay,will lead peninsula all the way around Bur Dubai on the Persian Gulf.

Grand Mosque
Unofficially called (rightly) "Grand Mosque", the monumental buildings from Abu Dabija may receive as 40,000 believers. However, real name (from ID card) is Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nayhan, the late Sheikh-founder of the United Arab Emirates. When the moon is full, the mosque is white. Texture that resembles the clouds that drift slowly through the moonlight. As the moon changes over the 28-day cycle, so the mosque takes all darker shades, so that the night was young Months completely dark blue.

Dubai Museum
Historic forte from 1977, was transformed into museum 1970. This military forte called Al-Fahidi Fort . Exhibits range from old weapons and equipment Pearl diver to the impressive range of military subjects. Some of the most fascinating exhibits are those found in the 3-4000 years old graves at Al-Ghusaisu.

Palm Islands
Three Islands are visible to the moon. This is a large island in the world made by human hand. Palm Jumeirah has numerous hotels and residences.It is open in 2006. the Island are the Palm Jumeirah, the Palm Jebel Ali and the Palm Deira. The Dubai project is implemented as the world has never seen. It is a giant tourist complex, but not on land already in the Persian Gulf. Project Dubai Palm Islands "realized multinational companies" Atlantis ", and three islands in the shape of palm trees - Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira stretch of 25 kilometers along the coast. These grandiose artificial islands, called the Eighth wonder of the world. For this surrealist venture will be spent 2.4 billion dollars, and how it is a huge business is the fact that in the Arabian Sea crush 80 million cubic meters of rocks and stones.

History is an important ancient city - Bastakiya, which was made more 1900th years, it has the greatest concentration of traditional houses with courtyards and wind towers, which served as an air conditioning system. Ancient Life of the Arab world and shows the Heritage Village, offering insight into daily life Bedouin through their performances in traditional clothing and the presentation of hand crafts.

Burj Al Arab
In the beginning, they were somewhat more modest buildings to 1990s started to build facilities that could be called the world's wonders. One of this is the hotel Burj Al Arab, which is officially the largest and highest hotel in the world, and also the only hotel with 7 stars. Made in the shape of the sails of the fishing boat by the desire of the emir. Entrance hall is the largest in the world, taller than the Eiffel Tower.

Burj Dubai
Highest tower in the world who will outreach 800 meters, will open 4th January, a year late, according to investors. This 4th January was chosen because it coincides with the fourth anniversary of entry into government Dubai emir, Sheikh Mohammed Ben Rashid Al-Maktoum, announced the company Emaar properties. The tower is being built since 2004. and should be open to the 2008th. The highest tower in the world is a central part of the gigantic project, worth 20 billion dollars, the construction of new neighborhoods Burj Dubai, which includes Dubai Mall, the largest shopping mall in the world, and 30,000 apartments. The company Emaar announced in April 2007. Burj that Dubai has become the highest skyscraper in the world, the former record toppled Taipei 101 in Taiwan, 508 meters high. Construction costs of buildings are estimated at one billion dollars, but that would ultimately amount could be exceeded. The architect of the tower will have 160 floors is an American Adrian Smith. There will be flats, business premises and a hotel with Armani's lines of the famous Italian designer furniture.