Monday, January 18, 2010

Attractions in the Palace Gardens

the Labyrinth

Reconstructed according to the original historical design, the Labyrinth invites you to come and discover its secrets. Over an area of 2,700 m2 there are fun and games for big and small: hopping and chiming games, a giant mirror kaleidoscope, mathematical puzzles to solve, etc. The Labyrinth is a place of playful relaxation and fun for visitors of all ages.
The Labyrinthikon Playground
Another highlight is the Labyrinthikon, designed by playground expert Grunter Beltzig, a playground for experimenting and romping for all generations -children and adults alike.

The Privy Garden and Garden Above the Cellar
Baroque horticultural art

The Privy Garden lies in front of the east facade of the palace and derives its German name from the apartments furnished for Crown  Prince Rudolf in 1870. the design were probably drawn up by the horticultural architect Louis Gervias. the upper part of the Garden over the Cellar was reconstructed according to a historical model dating from 1745/50. A remarkable feature is the broderie parterre decorated with different -colored types of sand and miniature topiarized trees arranged in a horseshoe. Take a stroll under the shady pergola and enjoy a magnificent view of this unique Baroque ensemble from the modern viewing platform.

Imperial view of Vienna

The Gloriette is the crowing architectural feature of the palace gardens. Fischer von Erlach s design had already included  belvedere, but not until 1775 that the early Classicist colonnaded Gloriette was built on the crest of the hill. External flights of steps lead up to a glazed central section which today houses the Cafe Gloriette. The flat roof serves as a viewing platform with an unrivalled panoramic view over the gardens, the palace and the city of Vienna.