Monday, November 23, 2009

River Kupa-from source to mouth through the four seasons.


Kupa  have a special beauty of its landscape. Flows through a mountainous area of Gorski Kotar and than near Karlovac entries in the lowland area Pokuplje at the end of Sisak flows into Sava rivers. The upper one is a real mountain river with a fast and foaming flow (full rapids).In the lower course is the lowland rivers with slow water.

In the green district of Gorski Kotar constantly rises river Kupa, the third largest river of Croatian. Spring water is always cold, her temperature is 7 C. There are three mountain paths for access to the source of Kupa. Source is located between the steep hill and glen and pine forests.Of the very source of a great rose, limy cave, as if the Titans is built. First 6 kilometers Kupa suddenly lost height and as strong and massive mountain streams rushing into the valley.Easy mountain path follows along the coast. Although the Kupa springs like a river, not a stream, it is still relatively small. The first part is actually her childhood with the first steps, noisy downs and rebooting. However, where the villages are dying Kupa  born. The last resident of the village of Kupari (Mr. Joseph Turks), it is a house arranged for tourism. Visitors who come mostly on weekends offers goat cheese and milk and souvenirs. The whole first part of the purchase, from source to Ozlja special because Waterproof limestone rocks. the river has biggest decline and the biggest erosion.In the fall of the water of Kupa is twice higher. Due to heavy rainfall the water level on the upper river is highest in autumn and high in spring when snow melts.
Relief has greatly influenced the social efficiency river. In winter, in the far southwestern corner of the Pannonian Plain, the river becomes a quiet . In recent years, the Kupa River rarely freezes, and it is only a meter - two by shore of river. Last time when the river Kupa whole freezes  was 1984/85 year.In Ozlju is one hydropower plant on the river Kupa, with relatively small capacity. Is a real luck that is not  built no more power because it so  preserved the environment.
City Ozalj is known fortress in which the seat princes Babonić  and Zrinski and Farnkopani.  
In Karlovac (a town on the four River ) of which the most important Kupa,  people built  concrete embankments on the shore. The great flood of 1939, kupa is almost destroyed the city  Karlovac.  The history , the River Cup was an important traffic road.
 On the river Kupa it sailed the ship and the ark, and to Kralovac arrive daily and up to 85 vessels that bring grain from Slavonija. By the river boat to 1861 when the railway was built Sisak - Zidani bridge. River kupa after that  losing the importance as a road.Kupa river is today preserved its natural value. Kupa has numerous tributaries, which are: Koran (146 km), Clay (108 km), retina (62 km) and Good (50 km) from the right side, Odra (83 km) and Kupučina (56 km) to the left.
In the fall and spring in Pokuplje increased risk of flooding. The largest wetland area is inundated part of the Black Mlaka.
Today, the greater  danger are mines arrears of last war. 

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