Monday, September 19, 2011

Trakoscan Castle, beautiful castle in Croatia

Trakoscan Castle is one of the mostbeautiful castles in Croatia, is located in the CroatianZagorje region, 23 kilometers northeast of Krapina, 40 kilometers  southwest of Varaždin altitude of 250 m. The nearest towns are Macelj Strahinčica. With about 40,000 visitors a year is one of the most visited Croatian castles.
The castle was built in the 13th century as a small borough in the system of fortification's Zagorje Principality. The castle grounds are characteristic of the simple Romanesque burgs 12th-13th of the numerous feudal lords Celjski, Jan Vitovec, Corvinus, and after the fall of the Zagorje Principality, especially the estate Gyulay enjoyed it, and the 1568th Draskovic.