Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Georgia ( Sak"art"velo Respiblikis)

Georgia is one of those countries that charms every passenger. Mythic Caucasus, Jason and the Argonauts, the best wine in the world, fantastic pie cheese kańćapuri, Georgian language that does not look like any other, or a letter that reminds us of the SF movies of the civilizations on another planets.

Everything seems connected Georgia Soviet architecture in the cosmopolitan capital Tibilisi, which is shown in an episode of Star Trek. A unique meeting of Persia, the Ottoman and Russian empires, with preserved Georgian identity - has created a unique country that would, if not permanent political instability, was indeed a paradise for tourists. Georgia is a friendly country, rich in exotic, social, cultural, natural and gastronomic curiosities and temperamental Georgians are unrivaled hosts with a rich spirit of creativity and skilful orientation in the unenviable situation.