Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Georgia ( Sak"art"velo Respiblikis)

Georgia is one of those countries that charms every passenger. Mythic Caucasus, Jason and the Argonauts, the best wine in the world, fantastic pie cheese kańćapuri, Georgian language that does not look like any other, or a letter that reminds us of the SF movies of the civilizations on another planets.

Everything seems connected Georgia Soviet architecture in the cosmopolitan capital Tibilisi, which is shown in an episode of Star Trek. A unique meeting of Persia, the Ottoman and Russian empires, with preserved Georgian identity - has created a unique country that would, if not permanent political instability, was indeed a paradise for tourists. Georgia is a friendly country, rich in exotic, social, cultural, natural and gastronomic curiosities and temperamental Georgians are unrivaled hosts with a rich spirit of creativity and skilful orientation in the unenviable situation.

The Golden Fleece and black gold
 In the area of Georgia, according to Greek mythology, the Argonauts, Jason S after the second search found the golden fleece. Today's "Golden Fleece"-pipeline passing through Georgia. In the west Georgia comes on the Black Sea and the northern Caucasus, a mystical mountain range and a natural border with Russia. Golden age of Georgian history, it is 12 and in the 13th century era of national rulers, King David and his great-granddaughter Tamara.

Georgian Stalin
Georgia  many people know to the fact that STalin was born in Georgia: Despite his terror in his hometown residents Groi people of Gorri adores him. Stalin's monument still stands on square, main street bears his name and his bust still stand  in schools.
Conditions in which Georgians are living very poor. Their villages worse than anything you've seen. Adventure  in the style of Indiana Jones are guaranteed for every visitor.

Try to say: Uplistsikhe
In the vicinity of Gori is located  the oldest settlement in the Caucasus. Names that are difficult to read let alone remember-Uplistiskhe. This is a series of natural caves in combination with the dwellings that were built by people. Before crrosing to Christianity that were performed pagan rituali. In side of  cave are lost the rooms with windows, doors, stone tables and chairs.

Tibilis capital of the Caucasus
The town's name comes from the word tibia meaning warm  with respect to that in the city there are many thermal springs. Mitvari river divides the city in half and run all of Turkey to Azerbaijan via Georgia. Perspective of the city dominated by a huge monument to the Mother of Georgia (Kartilis Deda), a female figure silver color. Monument looks as space and she as come from star truck diary entries Jean-Luc Picard. 


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  2. Looks like an old place, I really like old places, makes yah nostalgic and you want to learn more about the past and how those came to be.

  3. The view is so great it made me feel like I'm from the movies.