Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Arizona: A hotel where guests are dead for years


Guests of the hotel Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee, in the U.S state of Arizona,  
found in the guestbook at the reception of their paranormal experiences that are experienced on this site.
Many hotel guests have complained on disturbing strange throbbing in the night or  they things mysteriously disappear from the closet and drawers.

Copper Queen besieged by ghosts, or at least say its owners, and this was confirmed by numerous guests who have stayed over the years in it.
They claim to have heard mysterious sounds, strange sounds and smells, and some have seen and how objects float.
For many guests  quiet night in the hotel is a big disappointment, because expectations are high. In the hotel, it is believed, permanently reside Three Ghosts.
Receptionist said that he heard a female voice one night while riding an elevator between the third and fourth floors, although he was all alone in there, and he swear that was once seen as the key of the room hovers in the air.
One hotel visitor Tina Lavon wrote, that she tried to photograph  at the hotel but the camera is constantly reported that there is no memory card though, she claim, the card certainly was in it.
In the hotel was a strange phone calls and even contact - patter drill on the shoulder.
Other guests claim to have heard strange whispers, some people coins were missing from the table of the room.
Legend says that the spirit the young Billiya inhabits in Hotels who died in San Pedro.
After all these experiences can be difficult to find someone who will say that this is all pure fabrication.


  1. wew sounds in bali there is also a hotel that considered "scary". people said that the hotel was originally a cemetery.

  2. Interesting post, many thanks! I think every good hotel needs to have a ghost.
    I remember working in a hotel in London, UK, which was rumored to have a ghost, too. Personally, I never saw it, but some of my colleagues swear they saw it in the corridors.