Thursday, November 19, 2009

The oldest document, longest river,highest people( nation),largest fjord

 Basca Tablet
The oldest written document in the area of the Croatian Basca  Tablet dating back to 1100 years. Was found in the church Saint Lucija In Juran's house on the island of Krk. On the surface, 197 x 99 cm carved text in Glagolitic script. Panel says that the king Zvonimir  gave ground to abbot Držih and also witnesses are listed.Basca Tablet found the pastor Peter Dorcic.  From Juran's house was transferred to 1934 years in the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb. Old Slavonic Glagolitic script was created in mid-9 th century.The authors of this letter are considered brothers Cyril and Methodius, byzantine  monks from Thessaloniki.

River Nile
The longest river in the world is the Nile. Length is 6694 kilometers, 180 miles over the Amazon. Nile springs from Lake Victoria, which intersected the equator. Flows north through Uganda, Sudan, Egypt. Delta mouth within the Mediterranean Sea. Because of the wealth of water and sludge that settles the Nile, its valley is very fertile. Some studies show that the longest river Amazon (with source spoke).

Tutsi, the people whose members live in African countries, Rwanda, Burundi and Congo, are  the highest in the world.
The word "Tutsi" in their language means high people. Many members of the nation grow about 2 meters. Ninety years of the last century that  people exiled in neighboring Uganda and eastern Congo.

Soganfjord is the largest fjord and enter the land with 204 kilometers and is located in the western part of the Norwegian coast.After the last melting of ice, the world's sea level has increased a hundred meters and it is overflow parts of glacial valleys and creating a long narrow bays (fjord). From sea level to the highest peaks of the steep coastline that surround it, altitude difference is 1308 meters