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Etna - benign span in Sicily


From earliest childhood Sicilian lives in fear of the power demolisher, one of the most active volcanoes on earth. On the other hand, live with volatile and temperaments of Etna, for them has always had its charms, because something always happens. Peak height of volcanoes approximately now 3320 meters, but that information should be a Qualified for height varies continuously. Certainly, the volcano Etna is one of the most famous trademarks of Sicily.The current height is 21.6 m lower than 1865 years.

Large incandescent boiler
The chronology of Sicily is registered Etna countless eruptions. The largest occurred 475 years before Christ, and in 1169, 1329 and 1381 years. In those years, the current of the river of lava reached the sea.Those years of the current river of lava came to the sea. Worst eruption occurred in 1669 and Trial was 122 days. Enormous river current avalanche is then sent the southern slopes and reached the walls of Catania, transforming the surrounding fields in sterile carbonize space. Eruption were frequent in the 20 century, as the four active craters at the top of the volcano, so the active mouth spread by the slopes of older craters.

Etna has caused the victims and in the modern era, although its activity was accompanied from 120 seismic stations, and Volcano also oversees a satellite.1971 years , the eruption destroyed the observatory was created at the top of the mountain.1983 years, torrents of lava took the old ski lifts and tourist center. Year 1979, nine people died in the explosion near the southeast crater. 1987 in the second explosion (the same crater) two people died and ten were wounded.1992, the burning fiery rivers of lava poured from the mouth of the southeast and came to the door Zafferane Etnee (small village on the southeastern slope of the Etna).Then the army aircraft bombarded  lava that could slowed her progress.

Blacksmith  God Hephaestus
Volcano is constantly present in the historic Sicilian chronicles and legends.
One is the chronicler of the 6th century before Christe wrote that the volcano forced the native Sicily to seek refuge in the western part of the island.The Greeks were convinced that the volcano is actually blacksmith great God Hephaestus.
Empedocles of Agrigen, philosopher, physician, observed the volcano and found the steams from the crater semi-hard and can withstand the weight of a man. One legend says that at the end, he threw himself into the volcano to prove his theory, but without success - he went to inevitable death. Today, the Etna one of the main target of tourist Sicily.Research top of Etna is a thrilling experience at any time, not only when the volcano is active.Small size liquid or hardened lava-characteristics do not change the temperature so that it will melt your shoe soles. Tourists usually go to the top of the south and the north slope. For those with little time can use the private railways, which Circumetnea can visit the volcano. Tour takes 3 ½ hours (114 kilometers) from the train you can see beautiful landscapes, but can not experience the size and power of volcanoes.Etna volcano is extremely complex. He stands on the verge of underlining the African tectonic plate under the Eurasian. volcanic activity began before the half-million years.

 Tourism hit
Environmental changes as after the apocalypse,Along the way, traders stalls selling souvenirs of the lava.The road ends at Rifugio Sapineza - tourist oasis at 1910 above sea level. There is a large parking lot and catering facilities.

Extraterrestrial landscape
In the last 25 years ski lifts and tourist center were often destroyed, but they are constantly re-build for curious tourists.Altitude zone volcanoes is black deserts that dominate the chilled river of lava and volcanic ash. Only a few species of wild plants grow in the alien landscape of fetid in sulfur.In winter, when snow falls, Etna becomes an attractive ski resort.

It is hard to steal the magic that makes this symbol of power of nature, forces of creation and destruction at the same time. These are well-known ancient Greeks, Romans, Normans, Arabs and other rulers of the island that they have learned throughout history that one should not underestimate the destructive force of its eruption.

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