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Capital of the United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi. However, few people know for Abu Dhabi and majority now for Dubai. Dubai is simply a synonym for the United Arab Emirate,but also for a much wider area of the great coast Tursaj, between Oman and Qatar.At a bear extends gradually sprang up the palm trees, amazing buildings,hotels and magical impressive skyscrapers, and gloomy coast Persian Gulf has turned into giant beach.

Beginning of Dubai
Dubai first grew as the transport center on the old trading between Mesopotamija and Indus Valley.
In 19 centuries become an ingrained a little Fish village on the Shindagha peninsula. The village was settled tribe Bani Yas, which was led by the family Maktoum whose dynasty rule in Dubai. Real rise of Dubai occurred finding oil 1966. Dubai has around 1.4 million inhabitants, of which 70% of foreigners. Temperatures are high, reaching even to 48 degrees C in July and August.While in January and other winter temperature around 25 C, and visit Dubai is recommended in these months. In Dubai mostly coming with air traffic- Dubai International Airport- busiest airport in the world. Dubai is a city of contrasts and this is it attracts tourists and business people. What are all strange at first glances is that Dubai has no real center of the city in which we are all accustomed to, the old core and square.

Dubai Creek
Dubai Creek is the historical point of the city. Sea water in the bay is located in downtown. Between Maktouma and Garhoud bridges, Creekside park provides pleasant walk, and you can see extensive landscaped public gardens. The inside of the Creek is a large, shallow lagoon and now is also wildlife sanctuary for migrating shore birds. 27. 000 counted here at one time in autumn. The most beautiful are Greater flamingos, which have made Dubai Creek they permanent home . Expansion of the stream has been recently approved. Expansion, which is part of business of the Bay,will lead peninsula all the way around Bur Dubai on the Persian Gulf.

Grand Mosque
Unofficially called (rightly) "Grand Mosque", the monumental buildings from Abu Dabija may receive as 40,000 believers. However, real name (from ID card) is Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nayhan, the late Sheikh-founder of the United Arab Emirates. When the moon is full, the mosque is white. Texture that resembles the clouds that drift slowly through the moonlight. As the moon changes over the 28-day cycle, so the mosque takes all darker shades, so that the night was young Months completely dark blue.

Dubai Museum
Historic forte from 1977, was transformed into museum 1970. This military forte called Al-Fahidi Fort . Exhibits range from old weapons and equipment Pearl diver to the impressive range of military subjects. Some of the most fascinating exhibits are those found in the 3-4000 years old graves at Al-Ghusaisu.

Palm Islands
Three Islands are visible to the moon. This is a large island in the world made by human hand. Palm Jumeirah has numerous hotels and residences.It is open in 2006. the Island are the Palm Jumeirah, the Palm Jebel Ali and the Palm Deira. The Dubai project is implemented as the world has never seen. It is a giant tourist complex, but not on land already in the Persian Gulf. Project Dubai Palm Islands "realized multinational companies" Atlantis ", and three islands in the shape of palm trees - Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira stretch of 25 kilometers along the coast. These grandiose artificial islands, called the Eighth wonder of the world. For this surrealist venture will be spent 2.4 billion dollars, and how it is a huge business is the fact that in the Arabian Sea crush 80 million cubic meters of rocks and stones.

History is an important ancient city - Bastakiya, which was made more 1900th years, it has the greatest concentration of traditional houses with courtyards and wind towers, which served as an air conditioning system. Ancient Life of the Arab world and shows the Heritage Village, offering insight into daily life Bedouin through their performances in traditional clothing and the presentation of hand crafts.

Burj Al Arab
In the beginning, they were somewhat more modest buildings to 1990s started to build facilities that could be called the world's wonders. One of this is the hotel Burj Al Arab, which is officially the largest and highest hotel in the world, and also the only hotel with 7 stars. Made in the shape of the sails of the fishing boat by the desire of the emir. Entrance hall is the largest in the world, taller than the Eiffel Tower.

Burj Dubai
Highest tower in the world who will outreach 800 meters, will open 4th January, a year late, according to investors. This 4th January was chosen because it coincides with the fourth anniversary of entry into government Dubai emir, Sheikh Mohammed Ben Rashid Al-Maktoum, announced the company Emaar properties. The tower is being built since 2004. and should be open to the 2008th. The highest tower in the world is a central part of the gigantic project, worth 20 billion dollars, the construction of new neighborhoods Burj Dubai, which includes Dubai Mall, the largest shopping mall in the world, and 30,000 apartments. The company Emaar announced in April 2007. Burj that Dubai has become the highest skyscraper in the world, the former record toppled Taipei 101 in Taiwan, 508 meters high. Construction costs of buildings are estimated at one billion dollars, but that would ultimately amount could be exceeded. The architect of the tower will have 160 floors is an American Adrian Smith. There will be flats, business premises and a hotel with Armani's lines of the famous Italian designer furniture.

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