Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The deepest canyon in Europe

River Canyon springs from several Bjelašnice slopes near the village Canyon(at approximately 1500 m / m, 35 km from Sarajevo) and flows into the Neretva River in the mountainous border of Bjelašnica-Visočica-Prenj (the n / v approx 300 meters), near Boracko of the lake.
River and the village are named after trees Rakiti, which covered the upper course. This typical mountain rivers cut deeply into the mountains Bjelasnica on the right side and Visocica the left side, making a series of bizarre canyons, rapids, waterfalls, waterfalls and tranquil pools
as a unique tourist attraction. Because of its unique beauty and inaccessibility, Rakitnica is a big challenge for  hikers, anglers and the many lovers of pure natural scenery. Its course of 30 kilometers is not flowing through populated areas, and the water is drinkable from the source to mouth.
 .It is brown and marble trout (endemic), and in large quantities, the most favorable part of the river for fishing from the road bridge near the village of showers to the pedestrian bridge on the track Bobovicu.

The most attractive part of the flow of the river located between the bridge on the road Lukomir-Bobovica to the port (Bajrin hut). It is a river of 4-5 kilometers, with a drop of 300 meters and numerous waterfalls and cascades. During low water, levels can take the footpath from the bridge near the village of showers to the mouth of the river (it is desirable to use smaller rubber boats), during heavy rainfall and melting snow in narrow canyons, the level of the canyon and up to 20 meters. During the spring, rains were particularly attractive waterfalls that descend from the high cliffs on slopes Visocica.This challenging river is accessible by several sides: car can be good for route throught a the valley Babin Bjelašnica through to Gorazde, which is where we go to the mountain hut "Desire" and descend to the village Šabići continue to the bridge near the village of Rakitnica Tusi?

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