Monday, April 4, 2011

Le Mont Saint Michel

Le Mont-Saint-Michel is a stony little island. It is located in the Gulf, in northwestern France.  It is linked to the mound with the mainland.
The island is famous for its Benedictine monastery. At its lowest level have small houses and shops. Above these are the monastic buildings.
Many of the monastic buildings dating from the 13th century and are considered outstanding examples of Gothic architecture.

Today the castle to journey to more than one million visitors a year. It can be found in many movies, cartoons and video games.
Aubert, bishop of Avranches, the first chapel was built 708 years.
The monastery is called the Mont Saint Michel.
Richard I, the 966th, set up order of Benedictine monks from the monastery-Wandrille St. under the direction of abbot Maynard, who started the reconstruction of churches and other buildings.
The church was burned the 922nd year, that is substantially restored Abbot Childebert II, 1023rd year, at the time of church reform in Normandy, which was conducted Richard II and William of Volpiano. Building a modern form began in the 1448th year. The monastery takes apart in the Revolution (1789-95).  And in the 19th century used as a prison.
Mont Saint-Michel built in solid rock 84 feet high.
Mont Saint Michel built as a medieval castle. There are two large towers to defend the entrance to the chateau.

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  1. Lovely place! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I saw a bit about Le Mont Saint Michael on TV. Reading your post made me realize how I now REALLY need to check it out.