Sunday, February 20, 2011

Journey to the South Pole


However, there are few special guests, not only because the tour will cost $ 40,500, but because for that  money you cannot expect any comfort. Moreover, tourists will share a modest living condition of the American scientific team which work on the uninhabited continent.
When in its tourist offer included the South Pole, heads of U.S. travel agency "Polar Express" are more likely to have in mind the effects of advertising than business.

No wealthy tourists wanted to experience something new.Antarctica is now one of the wildest area of the planet.

Continent trapped in the ice, the huge glaciers that are more dangerous, and they deprive receding in recent years attracted more and more researchers, but also an adventurer and dreamer.
It is possible to reach the South Pole with comfortable ships, and even to visit only during the Antarctic summer, with seeing up to the full of penguins and ice-hills from the comfort of warm cabins.
It is estimated that the sixth continent has traveled across tens of thousands of tourists. However, on the ground, or eternal ice that covers it, not everyone, but only those who pass the previous psychophysical inspect.At the South Pole, where the highest temperatures during summer are about three degrees below zero and icy winds blow at speeds of 250 kilometers per hour, no improvisation. Any mistake could mean certain death.


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  2. HI! I love your blog! I am a fellow traveler. Not sure about going to the South Pole though. I get enough cold weather here in Iowa.

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